Retro Rattans made a comeback, and we’re loving it

Retro Rattan.jpg

Spring is most definitely in the air and we’re cracking open the windows and doors to bring all that outdoor goodness into our homes!


The leafy botanical home trend is still alive and well, and I’m glad to say most of my plants are still hanging in there too now that I’ve learned how to keep them alive (water them, who knew). Also adding to that natural feel in the home and with the recent resurgence of a mid century style interior design, is seems that we are all a little in love with rattan and cane furniture again. No longer a relic in your grandmothers conservatory, the modern take on these pieces bring beautiful texture and warmth to a room.


The new way to rock rattan involves modern shapes and fresh colours. It’s being reinvented in a really modern and interesting way. Interpretations of this can be found everywhere from living room furniture to beds, cupboard fronts and accessories. This reinterpretation resulting in a more refined and modern look. It’s no surprise that the best dressed homes on instagram will have an element of mid century modern in the mix.


I’m always looking for materials that are a perfect fit for today’s design direction: textured, clean, and lightweight. While it’s never really gone out of style, caned furniture, with its classic weave pattern, is now making a big comeback, being used to make rooms look fresher and warmer. These modern silhouette furniture pieces add a timeless, natural element to any home interior. As well as adding a natural feel and a mid century aesthetic, this material works perfectly for spring and is really adaptable being used both inside and out.


Who can forget the iconic Peacock chair which rose to fame in the 1970s, which is still being restyled and reworked today whilst still maintaining that classic shape with all the impact. My favourite interpretation of this is the stunningly beautiful Petal chair which can be bought from the Rattan Company for a very reasonable £295 and the best part is that there are so many colours to choose from, from Mustard to Peach so if like me you like a sunny pop of colour this is a fun way to get the look while putting a fun up to date twist on it.


The high street has not let us down and where design goes retail follows – there is so much choice when it comes to adding a hint of this retro chic look to your home. If you prefer the classic mid century look there are all sorts of classic retro finds to be had in antique shops and vintage markets. This rattan Bentwood Chair which can be found in Belfasts Emporium on the Square and would make a statement in any room and would add a vintage boho look your gran would be proud of.


I’d love to see how you have worked this look in your home – tag me on instagram at @dot_projects

Donna Collins